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Technopolis Ruoholahti restaurant world gives our customers the opportunity to have a varied and time-varying choice of eating. Eating with us is easy and flexible.

You can find our conference facilities on the Technopolis website: www.technopolis.fi/vapaat-toimitilat/helsinki/ruoholahti/kokoustilat/



Green Market Lunch buffet

Enjoy the plentiful, seasonal, and lant based selection, made from fresh ingredients. Green market offers a wide range of vegetables and greens, prepared in many different ways. A selection of sauces, pastes, spreads and sprinkles to make your plate suit your personal taste buds the best. The buffet also includes two delicious warm main dishes with meat/ fish/ vegetables as well as a small veggie soup. The meal is completed by a perky Green market health shot that is a real vitamin bomb!After this meal, you won't fall asleep at your desk, instead you're full of energy!

From the Grill

The grill at Restaurant Hiili serves delicacies for the heavier hungers: Pastas, stir fries, real Mexican tacos, burgers, pizza, grilled meat, chicken and fish, as well as rich steaming soups. The secret is in our tasty broth made from the scratch by our chefs.  


Our Coffee Bar is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 4pm. In the café we offer Nespresso specialty coffees, pastries and small delicacies. You can also enjoy a glass of wine or sparkling wine in our Coffee Bar.


Breakfast is served in the Coffee Bar on weekdays from 8 to 10am.