We're temporarily closed until 13.4.

To slow down the increase in coronavirus infections, the Finnish government has determined that emergency conditions are in effect during 18.3.-13.4.  Due to this situation our restaurant is closed for the time being.

Student restaurant is closed so far, our cafeteria services will be open from Mon 3.8.20

Dear customer,

we will open the cafeteria services on Metropolia Myllypuro campus on Monday 3.8.20 and it will be open 9-14 daily.

On Monday 10.8. we will open also the student restaurant and the lunch will be served 11-13.30 with limited selection. 


Have a sunny summer - we will meet in August. Welcome ! 


Enjoy a well-deserved lunch at our restaurant!

At Sodexo student restaurants you’ll enjoy a delicious and nutritious lunch to keep you going the whole day. All diets are marked with letters on the menu. In case you don’t find a suitable dish due to the diet, please contact our staff for special dietary options. We will be happy to help you.

All our lunch options include side salad, drink, bread and butter.

We also serve breakfast at a reasonable price for students. Freshen up your afternoon with a hot beverage or a variety of snacks at our café.

We do not receive cash as a payment. Ordinary payment cards, Mobile Pay, Lunch Card and Lunch voucher are accepted as payment.


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