Weekly opening hours

We are taking precautions for the COVID19 pandemic. 


Please leave space to the person beside You



If You want to wash Your hands, wash basins are found behind the drinks counter and in the café


Please note that due to minute to minute changing circumstances changes to menu are likely. 


Welcome to the Sodexo - Nordic Investment Bank web pages


Wellcome to the renewed canteen! 

We believe that tasty and honest food served in a comfortable environment should be accessible to everyone.

We offer the freedom to choose a healthy and responsible lunch option.

We provide our customers with a genuine and delicious meal.


In the morning we serve a healthy breakfast buffé

Bread, cheese, ham, vegetables, egg and juice


-Monday: Oat (oat milk)

-Tuesday: Four grain (Milk)

-Wednesday: Rice (Milk)

-Thursday: Barley (Milk)

Friday: Oat (Milk)