Weekly opening hours
Special opening hours
Take away deal for all students

You can buy 2x take away meals for student price or enjoy the other in the restaurant!


Restaurant Ladonlukko is closed from 13th to 14th of May 2021. Welcome again on Monday 17th 2021!

Simply to go - tuoreruokakonsepti

Welcome to our new Campus restaurant  Sodexo Ladonlukko. 

Start your day with our delicious coffee, bakery pruducts or porrige. And choose your favorite lunch from eight alternatives: Popular lunch 2, Special lunch, vegetarian- / vegan lunch, saladlunch, breadlunch or soup.

All alternatives include:

  • water, milk or juice
  • side salad
  • bread and butter.

There are also plenty of different  kind of snacks available as well as hot and cold drinks.

Have a nice break!